Naish Collection

Naish Collection

Measured in seconds shooting through an epic barrel; in minutes shaved off your fastest downwinder; or in the hours taken to finally pull off that next big trick—no matter how diverse, how thrilling, or how fleeting, each significant experience comes down to one unforgettable moment. It’s those moments, coupled with the lasting feeling that lingers long after the moments have passed, that we all live for. Whatever the purpose, whatever the condition, we’re compelled to make memories on the water.   

Since 1979, Naish has been crafting the tools for you to heighten each and every one of those cherished moments. Fine-tuning every curve, edge and seam along the way, each product is thoughtfully constructed, not only to excel in the moment, but to stand the test of time.

Driven by a passion for the sport and a thirst to innovate, Naish fuses the talent of top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies and premium materials. The result is a wide range of SUP, windsurfing, kiting and surfing products developed to suit the individual needs of anyone from the seasoned professional, to the weekend warrior, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time.

Whatever the reason, whatever the impulse, wherever the water takes you . . .

this is your moment. Make it extraordinary.


Robby Naish

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CARBON PLUS 85 VARIO RDSRace/Touring/WaveMANA 8’10” GTWAll-around WidebodyThe Mana 8'10" GTW/GS feat..
CARBON PLUS VARIO 3-PIECE85 RDSRace/Touring/WaveLightweight and versatile, the is the well-rounded C..
PERFORMANCE JR. VARIO75 RDSRecreational All-aroundThe right blend of performance and value, the Perf..

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MALIKO 14'0" CARBON ELITESIZE : X24 / X26Race/All-WaterGrown out of the success of its predecessor, ..
HK$22,000 HK$25,000
MUTANT 5'2"LightwindWhether strapped or strapless, the Mutant is the solid, easy-to-ride choice for ..

Available Options

ALANA 132X38, 136X40Women’s Freeride/FreestyleThe Alana is designed for women who want all-around fr..
HOVER 138Race FoilingConceived to push the boundaries of speed, the Hover 138 foilboard challeng..
HOVER 155 Beginner-to-Intermediate Foiling Versatility is deeply embedded in the DNA of th..
HOVER 160Beginner-to-Intermediate FoilingWhether just getting started or looking to take you..
LIFT 5.7FoilingThis dedicated foil design is lightweight, easy-to-handle and shaped to deliver the l..
2018 THRUST KS 1 FOIL All-around Freeride Foil Standard Mast Size: 90 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.38 |..
2018 THRUST SURF FOILAll-around Freeride FoilStandard Mast Size: 55 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.54 | Wi..
THRUST WS 1 FOIL All-around Freeride Foil Standard Mast Size: 70 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.46 ..
2019 KEVLAR WAVE VARIO RDSSIZE : 85Pro Performance WaveAvailable in both fixed and vario options, th..
ALANA VARIO 3-PIECE RDSSIZE : 80Women's All-aroundThe Alana is designed specially for women looking ..
ALANA VARIO RDSSiZE : 80Women's All-aroundThe Alana is designed specially for women looking for a li..
2019 CARBON ELITE FIXEDSIZES: 85 RDS , 90 RDS, 95 SDS Performance Race/WaveFeaturing 100% 12K P..
2019 CARBON PLUS VARIO 3-PIECE RDSSIZE : 85Race/Touring/WaveLightweight and versatile, the well-roun..
2019 CARBON PLUS VARIO RDSSIZES : 80 / 85 /90Race/Touring/WaveLightweight and versatile, the well-ro..
2019 HOVER CROSSOVER 120SUP/WS FoilingGet more out of your investment with this 3-in-1, multi-sport ..
MALIKO INFLATABLE 14'0" X26 FUSION STRINGERInflatable RacingThe Maliko X26 and X28 inflatables combi..
HK$9,500 HK$11,000
2019 ONE Inflatable 12'6" LT Inflatable Racing/Touring “World’s Best-selling Inflatable SUP” Th..
2019 PERFORMANCE JR VARIO RDSSIZE : 75Kids Recreational All-aroundThe right blend of performance and..
2019 PERFORMANCE VARIO 3-PIECE RDSSIZE : 85Recreational All-aroundThe right blend of performance and..
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