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S26 Naish AlanaTouring Inflatable Fusion 11'0" x29 / 11'6" X32

  • 品 牌: Naish
  • 型 號: S26 Naish Alana Inflatable Fusion 11'0" x29
  • 庫存狀態: 2



11'0" x29 / 11'6" X32

Women's Inflatable Touring/All-Around

Based on our Touring Fusion model, the Alana Touring Fusion offers enhanced performance and faster paddling than entry-level SUP boards. This board is shaped for incredible straight-line speed, directional momentum, and amazing stability in all-around flatwater design. The Alana is shorter in length when compared to the Touring models, making it more maneuverable for lighter riders. Hydroslick edges increase speed by creating a clean water release off the tail. Additional handles in the front assist in getting in and out of the water with ease.

Ideal for riders up to 190 lbs/85 kg


  • Touring Shape 
  • Extra Cargo Straps 
  • Added Deck Handles 
  • High-Pressure Rated 
  • Accessory Deck Mount  
  • Hydroslick Edge


  • Diamond Diecut EVA Pad with Micro Dot Embossing
  • Fusion Dropstitch
  • Double Layer Rails
Alana Inflatable 11'0" X29 Fusion11'0"/335.3 cm29"/73.7 cm6"/15.2 cm220 L
Alana Inflatable 11'6" X32 Fusion11'6"/350.5 cm32"/81.3 cm6"/15.2 cm239 L


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